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This page will be deleted September 30th, 2020 // Visit https://signals.numer.ai

Erasure Quant payments are ending on Jun 12th, 2020. If you are currently staked, you should begin withdrawals as soon as you can.

A better version of Erasure Quant is being rebuilt inside of Numerai. You will be able to use your existing Numerai account to participate and it will be much more stable. No more Meta Mask. Coming Summer 2020. Stay up to date at https://community.numer.ai

Erasure Quant launched in 2019 and was a brand new kind of decentralized marketplace for stock market data built on Ethereum. It allowed anybody to upload signals, build a track record that anyone can verify, and earn money. Read the original Medium post on why we built Erasure.

A better version of Erasure Quant has been rebuilt inside of Numerai.

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