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Github Orgs

Erasure and Numerai code is stored in two Github organizations with public and private repositories.

  • erasure-protocol: erasure monorepo with smart contracts and tooling

  • NMR: NMR token smart contracts and audits

  • docs: erasure gitbook documentation

  • tournament-contracts: numerai smart contracts for performing custody of user funds.

  • numerox: numerai tournament toolbox in python

  • numerai-cli: automated workflow for numerai tournament participants

  • numerapi: numerai tournament submission api and queries

  • docs: numerai gitbook documentation

Usage Statistics

This section highlights key usage statistics of the erasure protocol and applications and how to produce them.

Data Sources

The erasure protocol is built on ethereum and ipfs, thus all its data is publically accessible. Some applications like the Numerai Tournement may operate a backend in order to provide a better product. In those cases, the data will only be public if the application provides an API for queries.

Here are some services for querying the data of the erasure protocol:

Here are some 3rd party dashboards that track key protocol metrics. Note we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data provided by these providers, some have been found to be consistantly inaccurate.

Relevant Metrics

Smart Contracts


The Erasure protocol is currently on version v1.3.0 and composed of 4 registry contracts and more than 20 factory contracts. The protocol is deployed on ethereum mainnet, kovan, and rinkeby.

The 4 active registries are Erasure_Users, Erasure_Agreements, Erasure_Posts, and Erasure_Escrows.

The 4 registry contracts remain the same for all major releases of the protocol (v1.x.x). The factory contracts are changed for every minor releases of the protocol (v1.3.x). The contract addresses are unchanged for patch releases (v1.3.1). See wiki for notes on semantic versioning.

List of Erasure registry and factory addresses and ABIs are maintained in this package: @erasure/abis

Note: the factories spawn individual contracts for each user. This means the number of erasure contracts is constantly increasing. You can obtain a list of all contracts of a given type by calling the appropriate registry as such:

let agreements = await Erasure_Agreements.methods.getInstances().call();

Many users connect to the protocol through smart contract wallets. This means usage of the protocol is not correctly displayed by etherscan. A complete usage analysis requires transaction tracing or event scanning.

NMR Token

Source Code Address: 0x1776e1f26f98b1a5df9cd347953a26dd3cb46671


All Numerai tournament calls are relayed through the following proxy contracts before reaching NMR / Erasure in order to perform user custody: 0x9DCe896DdC20BA883600176678cbEe2B8BA188A9 0x1B38819bAB08EF176183D937E21ae1262FE7c337

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