Authereum is a cryptocurrency wallet like MetaMask. Unlike MetaMask it does not require a browser addon, so works on any device like your phone or tablet. You can use your Authereum account to deposit money to Erasure Bay.

Authereum is a non-custodial wallet which means no one but you has access to your money. Authereum makes it easy for non-technical users to keep their currency secure while providing advanced features. Read here for a more advanced understanding of Authereum’s contract-account architecture.

Erasure Bay does not currently support MetaMask.

🧞‍♂️Be careful: Your Authereum account secures all the money and valuable information you submit to Erasure Bay. Make sure to choose a secure password and store it with a password manager like 1password or lastpass. For more tips on keeping your wallet secure, see the Authereum blog.

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